Spiridus Help Body Aches

Are you open minded?

Download our app that energise
your Aura!

We are thrilled, excited and very proud that we managed after a long period of time to
make an awesome app called Spiriduș® Body Energizer, which is a replica
of the bigger Spiriduș (read it Spiridoosh) alternative medicine devices produced
and sold in Romania for 12 years.
Have you tried everything you learned and the Law of Attraction didn’t happen?
Maybe you were not in the right timing to think at your wish and be grateful.

What if I’ll tell you that you need your brain to be in the Alpha state, in order for your

wish to become a reality? Nobody is telling this extremely important fact.

If you want your wish to come true you must be with your brain in the Alpha state.

How can you be in this particular brain state? What is the way to do it?
You can meditate or pray, of course. The issue here is that you do not have that time.

Our app is doing exactly this. If you use it for 5 to 10 minutes, your brain will enter

the Alpha state. That is the simplest way to make it happen.

Our app transforms your phone into a frequency generator. It uses chromotherapy and extremely low frequency (ELF) therapy. It enhances your Aura and gives you energy.

Our app was designed to stop your body pain but we tested it and we thought that

bringing your brain in the Alpha state is more important than alleviating any of your

body pain. But, our app can do that too. You may use it for your pets in the same way.

It is for the first time ever when a phone is used like a real therapeutic device.
You don’t have to look at or hear our app. All you have to do is to open the app and
place the phone screen at 2 to 3 inches above your body area and keep it there,
in your own hand for about 5 to 10 minutes.

We want you to enjoy our app and for any reason please contact us.

We will appreciate if you could leave us a feed-back by email, on our site, or on

Google Play store reviews.

Please download our app for only $1 per month.

Get it on Google Play

For those who are thinking why they should use their phone as a
therapeutic device if it generates a lot of bad radiation I am going to
tell you right now.

First of all, any phone on the market has some sort of radiation but
there are scientifically proven facts that indicate that not radiation
is harmful, but the phone’s heat.

That’s why we don’t want you to put your phone directly on your body,
but to keep it above your body, in your hand, at 2 to 3 inches.

Secondly, because our app is transforming your phone into a specific
frequency generator, it is going to stop the phone’s radiation from
being harmful. Its like throwing

a big rock in a lake just after you have thrown a small stone. The
bigger waves will last and will make the smaller waves vanish.

To make your brain enter the Alpha state you have to open our app, keep
the phone in your hand and place it over your Plexus Chakra, at 2 – 3
inches and keep it there for 5 to 10 minutes.

2014-11-24 23.34.11
                                          VERY IMPORTANT!


In the meantime you must visualise yourself in your near future, having that
thing you wished for and being grateful for it. Do not think of having money,
think of having something you can buy with money, because it is very hard to
visualise money.
Its like seeing you in your future counting an amount of money and feeling that
with emotion, which is probably not the best idea.
If your wish will be on something real, you will be able to visualise and your
imagination will be free. For example, if you wish a new car, imagine yourself
being happy inside that car,feel the smell from that car, be proud that you have it
and thank your God with gratitude that you finally have it.
We do hope that you will use our app on a daily basis, so that
your wishes will come true more often and easier.
If you have any pain please use our app as we described. If you
have an issue with your potency do not hesitate and use it above your
“precious” and you will be amazed on the results.
Also, if you have a pet and your doctor didn’t have an answer for
your pet’s health issues, use our app and your pet will become

We are looking for an investor to create a new smartphone that will
have inside integrated and miniaturised all the hardware for it to
become the first Mobile Therapist Phone.

How would you like to imagine people in our future who will use their
phones not only to take pictures, to surf the internet and do so many
other things, but to heal themselves.

I am confident in my future, in my universe which is totally different
than yours and is bright and optimistic.

I like very much to talk to you so, if you have any doubt or anything
to ask, please contact me on my email: tiberiugrabany@gmail.com or on
my Skype: tiberiugrabany.

I shall be most honoured to talk to you. I have plenty of things to tell you.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. From the blogroll it looks like there were over 350 of us that actually made it this far. I am looking forward to seeing how we progress over the next 3 weeks, especially the part that wants us to write a good post every day. And as for doing a video? still it looks like you are off to a good start here.


    1. Hi,

      Sorry but I am new with WorldPress and I am still learning.

      Of course I should be most interested to see movies made by my actual customers, no matter if these are good or bad. I hope there will be more good anyway.

      I am opened to any cooperation.

      Please email me on my personal email: tiberiugrabany@gmail.com




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